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shit! we are number one trending on twitter! #roseanne
don't worry, #Roseanne show fans-next season will be even braver/funnier/timely than this season, despite what anyone mistakenly says.
The finale of my show is so well timed, it's crazy-#MakeItRain #roseanne
the press never apologizes or corrects themselves. It pisses me off. ABC President totally supports #Roseanne show.
Tuesday night #Roseanne finale : the storm is upon us, leaving us knee deep in the deluge. #POTUS
finale of #roseanne the flood, healthcare, halloween memories, and a talk with God and my husband about death. #GoodTimes
I hope you guys enjoy my acting tonight-when i have a prescription drug freak out on the show! #acting #Roseanne
i'm thinking #roseanne might be the closest to an honest assessment of 2017-18 you're going to find that isn't in your own house.
Anne Bedine who plays our new neighbor has been helping her fellow Syrians to reach safety for many years. She is inspiring! #Roseanne
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