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Lea Michele
so pretty rosegarden
So pretty! #rosegarden
Pearl Jam
onthisday in 2013 pearljam rocked the rosegarden in portland oregon with mudhoney
#OnThisDay in 2013, #PearlJam rocked the #RoseGarden in Portland, Oregon with @Mudhoney.
Lesley Abravanel
ha trump stole an abcnews graphic for his rosegarden massacre and left out the part that showed all mueller s
HA! Trump stole an @ABCNews graphic for his #RoseGarden massacre and left out the part that showed ALL #Mueller's indictments. Sad!
Mike Signorile
the next impromptu rose garden presser must be an announcement of resignation infrastructureweek rosegarden
The next impromptu Rose Garden presser must be an announcement of resignation.

#Infrastructureweek #RoseGarden
Smithsonian Gardens
a rose is a rose is a rose the poet and playwright gertrude stein was born otd in 1874 rosegarden
"A rose is a rose is a rose." The poet and playwright Gertrude Stein was born #OTD in 1874. #rosegarden
Grand Ole Opry
talk about a timeless oprymoment between two talented ladies ibegyourpardon rosegarden opry wcw
Talk about a #Timeless #OpryMoment between two talented ladies! #IBegYourPardon #RoseGarden #Opry #WCW
Major Garrett
national security adviser hr mcmaster before potus rosegarden remarks
National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster before @POTUS #RoseGarden remarks
president realdonaldtrump and senatemajldr live now after lunch on gop road ahead watch outnumberedot rosegard
President @realDonaldTrump and @SenateMajLdr live NOW after lunch on GOP road ahead. Watch @OutnumberedOT #rosegarden
Major Garrett
top wh economic adviser gary cohn in the front row amp casting a wary eye on press corps rosegarden
Top WH economic adviser Gary Cohn in the front row & casting a wary eye on press corps. #RoseGarden
Kew Gardens
if you look closely this stunning shot out the front of the rosegarden only has three colours nature at it s f
If you look closely, this stunning shot out the front of the #RoseGarden only has three colours. Nature at it's fin…
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