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I may still be upset about last week, but as the Mayor of Saskatchewan's largest city, I must congratulate the #Riders on winning the Cup!
Weston Dressler and #riders have agreed in principle on a deal. Dressler is in transit to Regina. Must pass physical. Could play Sunday #cfl
just spoke with Brendan Taman and he confirms that he and head coach Corey Chamblin have been fired #Riders #CFL
As expected, Craig Dickenson will be the @sskroughriders next head coach. News conference at 3 pm ET. #Riders
The @sskroughriders decided to get their only loss of the season out of the way early. Good strategy.
#riders #cfl
Watch as old Mosaic Stadium’s west grandstand falls after standing since 1979. #yqr #Riders #CFL
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Sources close to deal say Weston Dressler will make his decision overnight. #riders appear to have the inside track at this juncture #cfl
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