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Everyone who burned their #Nikes this week, hold this L. #RNews
R A P F A C T S: Jay-Z’s partnership and business deal with Samsung was a game changer. #RNews
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"I don't cheat to win, I'd rather loose" - @serenawilliams #RNews
Sitting down with special guest @JoeBudden, @Briharmony_ and @RodneyRikai discuss the evolution of hip hop. #RNews
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.@LilTunechi gets the W for the week for BEING FREE. #RNews
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The #RNews WIN this week goes to @NICKIMINAJ for her hot track #BarbieDreams that has the internet buzzing!
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“People emulate whatever is popular. So we need to highlight people doing the right thing.” -@RodneyRikai #RNews
"Joint albums never really live up to the hype" - @RodneyRikai #RNEWS
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