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BREAKING- #Pelosi invited @realDonaldTrump to deliver SOTU Feb 5th
Nancy #Pelosi caught lying: Never heard of Gruber despite citing him on website -
JUST IN: ‘No wall money’ - #Pelosi draws line in the sand on border budget ahead of potential second shutdown
#Trump talking to #Putin is 'dangerous', #Pelosi says, drowned out by a round of applause
.@PressSec clarifies Hitler remarks as #Pelosi calls for his firing
The image that was most lasting for #Dems was #Pelosi grimacing at what #Netanyahu was saying - @DanaBashCNN reports
.@HeyTammyBruce: Chaos in the House: #Pelosi knows the freshman caucus is out of control @WashTimesOpEd
“She looked very bizarre, very angry,” says @RepTomMarino on #Pelosi confrontation. Tune in to #KellyFile.
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