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Results for Ohio

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@lelizabeth88 hope u had fun tonight. I heard u did :) #ohio #BelieveTour
Home away Frm home,since the beginning #Ohio
Unbelievable - #Ohio Democratic Senate Candidate @Ted_Strickland jokes that Scalia's death came 'at a good time'
Hear from undecided voters in #Ohio who say they're voting for #DonaldTrump. #ElectionDay
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#Ohio school district closes schools after reports of woman being attacked by #clown.
RT if you agree: You should be able to store a gun in a locked vehicle w/o fear of employer retribution #2A #Ohio
#Ohio just took one step closer to becoming the 5th state to legalize pot: @ResponsibleOH
Purple light filtering through the forest at Cuyahoga Valley National Park by Cameron Schron #Ohio
Another autumn passing by, another reminder of the beauty of Cuyahoga Valley National Park. Pic by Tim Green #Ohio
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