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David Beard
dee snider to donald trump don t use my song anymore notgonnatakeit twisted cbcradioq
Dee Snider to Donald Trump: Don't use my song anymore. #NotGonnaTakeIt #Twisted @cbcradioq
Dan Alpert
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for those too young to remember 1976 trumpsandersism was presaged by a movie network madashell notgonnatakeit
For those too young to remember 1976, #Trumpsandersism was presaged by a movie:

#Network #MadAsHell #NotGonnaTakeIt
Chris Reimer
workers at this fiveguys are going insane over the twisted sister playing over the loudspeaker hilarious amp s
Workers at this @Five_Guys are going insane over the Twisted Sister playing over the loudspeaker. Hilarious & scary too lol. #NotGonnaTakeIt
Contessa Brewer
people are upset at almost everything says realdonaldtrump madashell notgonnatakeit
People are upset at almost everything, says @realDonaldTrump. #MadAsHell #NotGonnaTakeIt
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