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Jim Sciutto
scene outside cnn ny hq right now nypd bomb squad here cnnnewsroom
Scene outside CNN NY HQ right now. #NYPD Bomb squad here. @CNNnewsroom
Tim Fleischer
fallen officers in nypdshooting saluted by nypd officers leaving hospital abc7ny
Fallen officers in #NYPDShooting saluted by #NYPD officers leaving hospital @ABC7NY
New York Giants
never forget usa nypd fdny
Never Forget. #USA #NYPD #FDNY
@CNN 4 years
new york city has gone 11 days without a homicide that s a modern record the nypd says
New York City has gone 11 days without a homicide. That's a modern record, the #NYPD says:
Bipartisan Report
jon stewart s take on police in america nypd nypdshooting
Jon Stewart's take on police in America. #NYPD #NYPDShooting
The Root
@TheRoot 4 years
nypd officer who accidentally shot akaigurley was texting a union rep while he was dying
#NYPD officer who accidentally shot #AkaiGurley was texting a union rep while he was dying
@WWE 3 years
the official nypd mugshot of vincemcmahon has been released raw
The official #NYPD mugshot of @VinceMcMahon has been released. #RAW
New York Giants
tom coughlin wearing a black strip on left shoulder and peace sign under ny in honor of nypd officers liu and
Tom Coughlin wearing a black strip on left shoulder and peace sign under NY in honor of #NYPD officers Liu and Ramos
Tony Rocha
nypd cop shoots dog crowd outraged no one seems to care about the man both dog amp man are ok disgusting
#NYPD #Cop #Shoots #Dog. #Crowd outraged. No one seems to #Care about the #Man. #Both, dog & man, are OK! #Disgusting
U.S. Secret Service
our thoughts amp prayers are with the family friends amp colleagues of fallen nypd officer miosotis familia
Our thoughts & prayers are with the family, friends & colleagues of fallen #NYPD Officer Miosotis Familia
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