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Justin Bieber
your morning playlist big bro usherraymondiv numb me and nickiminaj beautyandabeat watch
your morning PLAYLIST - big bro @usherraymondiv #NUMB - Me and @nickiminaj #BeautyAndABeat #WATCH
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Nick Jonas
you were my sun you were my earth i was your best you were my worst numb
"You were my sun. You were my earth. I was your best. You were my worst"- #NUMB
Usher Raymond IV
check out my pic for numb in picsy can you feel it get picsy here
Check out my pic for #Numb in Picsy. Can you feel it? Get Picsy here:
Yung Rénzél ?
call her different names in the middle of the plug numb
Call her different names in the middle of the plug. #numb
Perez Hilton
mileycyrus you don t know what it is you do to me yeah you stole my heart all i have is a hole where it used t
@MileyCyrus You don't know what it is you do to me! Yeah you stole my heart! All I have is a hole where it used to be! And my heart is #Numb
@MTV 4 years
nickjonas and angelhaze have left me numb after their incredible new collaboration
.@NickJonas and @AngelHaze have left me #Numb after their incredible new collaboration:
nick jonas has debuted his new song numb featuring angel haze listen right now
Nick Jonas has debuted his new song #Numb featuring Angel Haze! Listen right now:
Ben Damon
this is floyd s sickeningly disfigured numb hand pray for floyd s numb hand people numb mayhem mayweathermaida
This is Floyd's sickeningly disfigured numb hand. Pray for Floyd's numb hand people #numb #Mayhem #MayweatherMaidana2
MTV Music ?
nickjonas has left us numb with his new song with angelhaze
.@Nickjonas has left us #Numb with his new song with @AngelHaze!
ET Canada
he s made us jealous amp numb in the same year nickjonas brings the heat to etcanadanye next
He's made us #Jealous & #Numb in the same year, @nickjonas brings the heat to #ETCanadaNYE next!
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