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#NSFAS Intellimali says the student in fact used o R818,000 of the R14m paid into her account.
#NSFAS First purchase by student was R56 at Steers, followed by another Steers purchase 35 mins later for R339. LD
#Khweshin: How do you not notice a 14 MILLION rand overpayment ... MOOONTHS LATER 🤔 #NSFAS
eNCA | University mistakenly deposits R14m into student's account #NSFAS
#NSFAS Intellimali says the student who was accidentally paid R14m instead of R1400 decided to “help herself" instead of reporting it.
#Khweshin Don't banks #RedFlag suspicious transactions? 14 million rand in a savings account that usually gets WAY less each month? #NSFAS
#NSFAS EFF's Moses Mbatha says if no one to blame for erroneous payment, did Jesus just give the woman the money? LD
ICYMI: #NSFAS calls on students to sign bursary agreements
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