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China "taking a lead" in strategic high-tech sectors: minister #NPC #CPPCC #TwoSessions
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What is China's National People's Congress? Why does it matter? #NationalPeoplesCongress #NPC #twosessions
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Turnbull says Labor high taxing? Alternative facts it seems
The Top 10 highest taxing governments #NPC #auspol
Peter Garrett says he will exercise democratic freedoms, engage in civil disobedience, even go to jail to #stopadani #npc
"Women, after all, are our most under-utilised source of skills." #inthecabinetforexample #npc
Average unemployment rate during their tenure:

Rudd/Gillard 5.1%
Abbott/Turnbull 5.9% #NPC #auspol
Abbott proves he's heard the message to change by delivering the same speech he's been delivering for years.
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