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Seattle Seahawks
i m all about that action boss moneylynch pets raccoon eats skittles in nflonxbox ad
"I'm all about that action, boss." @MoneyLynch pets raccoon, eats Skittles in #NFLonXbox ad: []
Seattle Seahawks
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class is in session watch rsherman25 amp moneylynch take xbox game day evolution 101 nflonxbox
Class is in session! Watch @rsherman_25 & @moneylynch take @Xbox Game Day Evolution 101. #NFLonXbox
Philadelphia Eagles
if you aren t following xbox now s a good time to startthey re giving away tickets to blacksunday nflonxbox
If you aren't following @Xbox, now's a good time to start—they're giving away tickets to #BlackSunday. #NFLonXbox
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