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Tony Rocha
microsoft expertzone expertzone giving retail sales pros a place to talk learn and get rewarded joinnow
#Microsoft #ExpertZone @ExpertZone Giving retail sales pros a place to talk, learn and get rewarded! #JoinNow
@IGN 2 years
microsoft has confirmed that scalebound is cancelled full details
#Microsoft has confirmed that #Scalebound is cancelled.

Full details:
Philip Schiller
welcome microsoft office 365 to the mac app store
Welcome #Microsoft Office 365 to the #Mac App Store
@RT_com 1 year
vault7 wikileaks outlines cia malware targeting microsoft windows
#Vault7: WikiLeaks outlines ‘CIA malware’ targeting #Microsoft Windows
The Hacker News
and finally he won microsoft has developed its own linux os to run its cloud services
And Finally, He Won! #Microsoft has developed its own #Linux OS to run its Cloud Services.
BBC Breaking News
mojang makers of minecraft video game bought by microsoft for 25bn 15bn
Mojang - makers of #Minecraft video game - bought by #Microsoft for $2.5bn (£1.5bn)
The Hacker News
microsoft confirms the online leak of windows 10 internal builds and partial source code
#Microsoft confirms the online leak of Windows 10 Internal Builds and Partial Source Code
@intel 4 years
flexible performance from one tiny chip surfacepro3 2in1 microsoft
Flexible performance from one tiny chip. #SurfacePro3 #2in1 #microsoft
Scott Kelly
i m looking forward to testing the microsoft hololens when it arrives on spacestation next week yearinspace
I'm looking forward to testing the #microsoft #HoloLens when it arrives on @Space_Station next week. #YearInSpace
The Hacker News
microsoft releases patches for 19 critical vulnerabilities update your windows pcs now
#Microsoft Releases Patches for 19 Critical Vulnerabilities - Update your Windows PCs Now
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