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When our Nation calls, #Marines answer. See how the battle is won. #BattlesWon
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#Marines have a fighting spirit that will never be defeated, no matter the battle, no matter the enemy. #BattlesWon
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#Marines are on their way to Texas to help in hurricane #Harvey relief efforts.
Those who died for our freedom will never be forgotten. Honor our vets this #MemorialDay. @USArmy @USNavy @usairforce @USCG #Marines
.@megynkelly: “Five days after a gunman ambushed #Marines … the @WhiteHouse flag has not been lowered.” #KellyFile
70 years ago today #Marines stormed the black sands of Iwo Jima.

Watch ceremony live in 30
.@USMC Combat Shooting Team #Marines spice up #PumpkinCarving. Show us your 🎃! #PSL
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