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I convey my emotion and the solidarity of France for New York City and the US. Our fight for freedom unites us more than ever. #Manhattan
#Manhattan #NewYork One of my favorite places on Earth! Took this photo over you in April 2015. Today, I am in you!
We Should Not Lose One More Life

Because Politicians Do NOT Have The Nerve To Do What Is Necessary

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Terror will not change New York, we will go forward stronger together. #Manhattan
170 #FDNY members on scene of 4-alarm fire at 25th & Broadway #Manhattan
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Reports: 2nd device had cell phone attached to it. #Manhattan #Chelsea #ChelseaExplosion
Avoid the area of West St. (Barclay St. to a Christopher St.) #Manhattan due to ongoing investigation.
On behalf of all New Yorkers, I extend my deepest condolences to the victims and their families. #Manhattan
Halloween is coming!!! Are you ready? 👻🎃🗽#halloween2018 #Manhattan #NYC
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