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JUST NOW on @MeetThePress:

Rudy Giuliani tells @ChuckTodd, "Truth isn't truth." #MTP
Last night @BernieSanders won in Hawaii, Alaska, and Washington state. #MTP
.@JohnBrennan tells me he stands by calling President Trump's behavior "treasonous" #MTP
John Kerry: When Trump says he'll negotiate better climate deal, it's “like OJ Simpson saying he’s gonna go out & find the real killer” #MTP
We need to see @realDonaldTrump’s tax returns to know how any proposal for reform would affect him personally. #MTP
"Can you rule out a registry for Muslims?" asks @ChuckTodd.

"I'm not going to rule out anything..." says @Reince on @MeetThePress #MTP
The President of the United States should focus on bringing Americans together – not deepening our divisions. #MTP
WATCH: In New NBC News WSJ Poll: 62% say President Trump isn’t honest and truthful #MTP
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"It's horrific, it's unthinkable," says @BernieSanders on #OrlandoShooting this morning on @MeetThePress. #MTP #Orlando
WATCH: Omarosa releases secret tape of John Kelly firing from White House #MTP
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