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Thank you - you voted @DannyBMiller Best Actor at @SoapAwards! X #LoveOurFans #Emmerdale
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And the biggest thank you of all -you voted #Emmerdale Best Soap at @SoapAwards! X #LoveOurFans #Emmerdale
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Danny Miller won Best Soap Actor! Thank you to everyone who voted ❤️ #TVChoice #LoveOurFans #Emmerdale
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Yell loud and proud...YOU crowned us Best Soap! X @SoapAwards #LoveOurFans #FANmily #Emmerdale
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And we won Best Soap @InsideSoapMag Awards! Thanks so much to all of our fans! xx #LoveOurFans #Emmerdale
WOW!! YOU voted us best soap at the #TVChoiceAwards! Thank you so much to everyone who voted! We are thrilled! #LoveOurFans #Emmerdale
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