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cbc news projects a liberal government elxn42
CBC News projects a #Liberal government. #elxn42
Dr. Marty Fox
demsinphilly highlighting contempt for the ruleoflaw by moms of thugs resulting from pc liberal parenting

Highlighting Contempt For The #RuleOfLaw

By Moms Of Thugs

Resulting From #PC #Liberal Parenting
Dr. Marty Fox
liberal lunacy illustrated cancels show because men can t use women s bathroom performs where lgbt is illegal
#Liberal Lunacy Illustrated

Cancels Show Because Men Can't Use Women's Bathroom

Performs Where #LGBT Is ILLEGAL
Dr. Marty Fox
you knew the liberal media was a democrat front group but here is proof dncleaks
You Knew The #Liberal Media Was A #Democrat Front Group

But Here Is Proof

Dr. Marty Fox
like a good little liberal paulryan wants an a for effort on performance ryan gets a big f michellemalkin
Like A Good Little #Liberal

#PaulRyan Wants An "A" For Effort

On Performance #Ryan Gets A Big "F" @michellemalkin
Dr. Marty Fox
liberal hypocrisy 101 the man who wants to raise taxes sucks up to the man who pays no taxes feelthebern
#Liberal Hypocrisy 101

The Man Who Wants To Raise Taxes

Sucks Up To The Man Who Pays No Taxes

Dr. Marty Fox
good move presidenttrump skipping the narcissist liberal prom aka whcd2017 michellemalkin breaks it down
Good Move #PresidentTrump

Skipping The Narcissist #Liberal Prom AKA #WHCD2017

@michellemalkin Breaks It Down
Dr. Marty Fox
virginiashooting just the latest shooting committed by a liberal democrat 2a tcot pjnet

Just The Latest Shooting Committed By A

➡️ #Liberal #Democrat

Dr. Marty Fox
reagan it isn t so much that our liberal friends are ignorant it s just that they know so much that isn t so

It Isn't So Much That Our #Liberal Friends Are Ignorant.

It's Just That They Know So Much That Isn't So.
Justin Trudeau
rt gregkolz jt is level headed amp able to bring canada to new heights that s why he s my choice for liberal l
RT @gregkolz: JT is level-headed & able to bring Canada to new heights. That's why he's my choice for #Liberal Leader
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