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RT now if you believe it is wrong for the GOP to silence @SenWarren for trying to read a letter from Coretta Scott King. #LetLizSpeak
This letter caused the GOP to silence @SenWarren tonight. Rt if you think they should #LetLizSpeak
When I read the same letter as @SenWarren, no one prevented me from speaking. Sen. McConnell owes Sen. Warren an apology. #LetLizSpeak
By silencing Elizabeth Warren, the GOP gave women around the world a rallying cry. #ShePersisted #LetLizSpeak
Thank you @SenWarren for being the soul of the Senate during the #Sessions hearing. #LetCorettaSpeak #LetLizSpeak
It is demeaning to the memory of Coretta Scott King and harmful to the process for the Republicans to silence @SenWarren. #LetLizSpeak
Republicans have no shame. Even during #BlackHistoryMonth they dishonor the words of Coretta Scott King. #LetLizSpeak
I wonder what @SenateMajLdr thought he was accomplishing by shutting Elizabeth Warren down WHILE SHE WAS QUOTING CORETTA KING. #LetLizSpeak
A senator's mouthpiece is larger than the senate floor, but it's even larger when her constituents rally w/ @SenateDems to #LetLizSpeak
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