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#LDTPoll Should DOJ appoint a special prosecutor to investigate Clinton email scandal, Clinton Foundation & Clinton meeting with Lynch?
#LDTPoll Do you believe it's time to put political correctness aside and put the safety of Americans first?
#LDTPoll Do you agree with @POTUS executive order that temporarily suspends refugee admissions and immigration from seven countries?
#LDTPoll Which is a greater threat to national security?
Flynn talks w/ Russian Amb, or Obama's nuke deal with Iran costing $150 billion?
#LDTPoll Do you believe the DOJ should reopen its investigation into the Clinton scandals, both email and foundation?
#LDTPoll Do you believe @POTUS admin should bring lawsuits and criminal complaints for subversion against the left and the deep state?
#LDTPoll Should AG Sessions remove the Obama leftovers in the DOJ who served as the political arm of the Dimms and the American left?
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