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POLL: Should the Senate confirm Judge Brett #Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court?
#Kavanaugh must withdraw, or @FBI must investigate. There is no decent third option.
What the hell is Susan Collins talks talking about?! Just vote “yes” and spare us all this tortured rationalizing. #Kavanaugh
A new poll shows McCaskill’s opposition to #Kavanaugh has hurt her with voters
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Senators vote NO on #Kavanaugh
Or else we're coming for you

#NationalPoetryDay #StopKavanaugh
Watch this clip of @BenSasse ... then watch it again. #Kavanaugh
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One sign there is a bad thing going on is when your #yearbook is redacted. #Kavanaugh
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Republicans Should Not Have Delayed the #Kavanaugh Vote - ⁦@AndrewCMcCarthy⁩
Who is in favor of conducting 40 years background checks on every senator while we're at it?

Is #Kavanaugh really doing a “my mom taught black people”? Really bruh?…
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