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#Visuals from Bengaluru following rainfall in the district #Karnataka
DGP #Karnataka released circular to take back cases filed in last five years against minorities who were involved in communal clashes
#Karnataka will be #BJP’s Waterloo for 2019. India has seen the brazen corruption of this hypocritical farce of a political party.
200 marshals inside Vidhan Soudha for 221 MLAs! That’s almost a man to man marking. #Karnataka
Opposition's bonhomie on display in #Karnataka during #KumaraswamySwearingIn ceremony.
News X-Today’s Chanakya Exit Poll #Karnataka
Hmm. I say we may see a #RoyalWedding in #Karnataka of the Congress and JDS 😎 #KarnatakaFloorTest
WATCH | Hope BJP has learnt lesson, says Rahul Gandhi about #Karnataka
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Mallikarjun Khuba,JDS MLA from Basavakalyan resigns from the party, says will join BJP #Karnataka
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