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Barbara Corcoran
never keep a job you dont enjoy if you cant find the courage to fire yourself you better hope that someone els
Never keep a #job you don’t enjoy. If you can’t find the #courage to fire yourself, you better hope that someone else will.
World Bank
too many young people are not equipped with the right skills to succeed in today s job market
Too many young people are not equipped with the right #skills to succeed in today's #job market.
World Bank
can agriculture create job opportunities for youth we think so heres why
Can #agriculture create #job opportunities for #youth? We think so! Here’s why:
@ICEgov 1 year
if you re interested in joining our team visit usajobs for our latest job announcements
If you're interested in joining our team, visit @USAJOBS for our latest #job announcements
@ICEgov 1 year
looking for a career with ice follow icegovcareers for job annoucements info about positions at ice amp more
Looking for a #career with ICE? Follow @ICEgovCareers for #job annoucements, info about positions at ICE, & more.
West Wing Reports
job growth since 2008 2008 35m 2009 50m 2010 11m 2011 20m 2012 22m 2013 23m 2014 31m 2015 28m
#Job growth since 2008:
2008: -3.5M
2009: -5.0M
2010: +1.1M
2011: +2.0M
2012: +2.2M
2013: +2.3M
2014: +3.1M
2015: +2.8M
Rosemary Barton
do you want to work for the cbcthenational we need a producer in ottawa i buy coffee cbc job
Do you want to work for the @CBCTheNational? We need a producer in Ottawa. I buy coffee. #cbc #job
AFP news agency
job afp is hiring sports journalists in paris closing date feb 16
#JOB AFP is hiring sports journalists in Paris. Closing date: Feb 16
Jamie Oliver
we re look for a social media manager to head up content for jamie s restaurants interested job
We're look for a Social Media Manager to head up content for Jamie's restaurants. Interested? #job
@IMFNews 6 months
ahead of the imfyouth event can you let us know of the biggest challenges facing youth when looking for a job
Ahead of the #IMFYouth event, can you let us know of the Biggest challenges facing #youth when looking for a #job
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