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All the very best of luck to the little fella and @hollywills for the show tonight.
Lots of love from the big fella!!
54 years and still love like Harry & Sandra. I’m in tears. Find someone who loves you like Harry loves Sandra #imaceleb
Congrats King Harry! #ImACeleb
You can’t start Christmas lunch with a cheeseboard. That’s madness. #ImACeleb
Forget Christmas, this is the ONLY date you need to remember this year.

Sunday 19th November. #ImACeleb
It's Harry! All hail the new King of the Jungle 👑 Congratulations Harry. Amazing! @redknapp #ImACeleb
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2 months
Dec and Holly are ready… Are YOU? 🕷🕷🕷😱
@ImACelebrity starts TONIGHT LIVE 9pm @ITV
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Hey #ImACeleb ... if there’s any Bushtucker trials Jack doesn’t want to do, I’d be happy to.. “cover”.. for him. #JungleJack
On our way to meet the celebs. Better than getting an Uber innit!? D #ImACeleb
Imagine having a love like Harry and Sandra 😢 #Imaceleb
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