Never. Stop. Fighting. #IStandWithPP @PPAOhio
Never. Stop. Fighting. #IStandWithPP @PPAOhio
#IStandWithPP supporters helped halt the latest federal attack on Planned Parenthood. Let's keep the pressure on → ✊💖
Congress & the White House heard #IStandWithPP advocates—but the healthcare fight is far from over. Get involved now→
Celebrate our wins & keep the pressure on: Attend an #IStandWithPP rally at your rep's local office at noon today!
House pulls #ACARepeal from the floor after trying to negotiate away women’s health care. #ProtectOurCare #IStandWithPP
The good news is: They can still come to Planned Parenthood. #IStandWithPP
75% of voters & 57% of people who voted for Trump oppose blocking people from care at Planned Parenthood. #IStandWithPP
.@POTUS: Women's health care is not a bargaining chip — nor is it optional. Stop playing politics with our lives. #IStandWithPP
Courtney is frightened to think of what could happen if Planned Parenthood wasn’t available. #IStandWithPP
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