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.@VP slams @SenDonnelly for betraying Hoosiers and voting with liberals like @ChuckSchumer. #INSen
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2 months
You can cast your ballot before Election Day in Indiana!
Get out and vote ➡️
9 months
Hey @indgop! Have you seen him?? #INSen
A vote for @SenDonnelly is a vote for @ChuckSchumer. #INSen #SleepinJoe
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Congratulations to #NRA-endorsed @ToddYoungIN on his win! #Indiana #INSen #2A
😬 Watch this brutal video of college students showing little to NO support for @SenDonnelly. #INSen
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.@JoeforIndiana sided with radical left protesters, not Hoosiers. #INSen
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.@POTUS needs @Braun4Indiana in Washington to be a true ally and deliver for Hoosier families. #INSen
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.@TomPerez says @PeteButtigieg is “going to be the example of how Democrats win statewide in red states.” #DNCChair #INGov #INSen
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