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Thank you Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office! #HurricaneMichael
Aerial view of devastation at #MexicoBeach, Fl caused by #HurricaneMichael

Courtesy LSM/Brandon Clement
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A view of the eye of #HurricaneMichael from @AstroSerena, currently orbiting Earth on the @Space_Station:
Thank you to @FEMA and all First Responders! #HurricaneMichael
The day after #HurricaneMichael devastated the Florida Panhandle, this is what President Trump was doing... #MAGA
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As #HurricaneMichael approaches, remember that Trump took millions of dollars from FEMA and gave it to ICE.
In this time of need, USAA recognizes the courage and resilience of the military community. #HurricaneMichael
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BREAKING VIDEO: Rain and flooding has begun in St. Petersburg, Florida, ahead of Hurricane Michael #HurricaneMichael
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BREAKING: Georgia Governor Nathan Deal declares state kf emergency for 92 counties ahead of #HurricaneMichael @wsbtv
#HurricaneMichael is the worst hurricane to hit the Florida Panhandle since the mid-1800s.
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