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China Xinhua News
new year 2016 fireworks in china s hong kong and taipei happynewyear timessquarenyc timessquareball
New Year 2016 Fireworks in China's #Hong Kong and #Taipei! #HappyNewYear @TimesSquareNYC @timessquareball
BBC News (World)
clashes in hong kong as masked men move in on occupycentral protesters
Clashes in #Hong Kong as masked men move in on #OccupyCentral protesters
Jim Roberts
hong kongs umbrella revolution what are protesters fighting for by mashables jennijenni
#Hong Kong’s Umbrella Revolution: What are protesters fighting for. By Mashable’s @jennijenni.
The Straits Times
upated hong kong protesters allege organised attacks suspend talks with government
UPATED: #Hong Kong protesters allege "organised attacks", suspend talks with government
work on submarine tunnel of hong kong zhuhai macao bridge completed
Work on submarine tunnel of #Hong Kong-#Zhuhai-#Macao Bridge completed
Emily Rauhala
incredible moment mt dslrinformer never seen anything like it thousands crowd admiralty in hong kong tonight
Incredible moment MT @DSLRinformer: Never seen anything like it: Thousands crowd Admiralty in #Hong Kong tonight
China Xinhua News
come amp join us to take a trip with fruit and vegetable from guangdong to hong kong s china
Come & join us to take a trip with fruit and vegetable from Guangdong to #Hong Kong, S #China
The Straits Times
hong kong s newly sworn in leader carrie lam known as a tough and effective enforcer
#Hong Kong's newly sworn-in leader Carrie Lam known as a tough and effective enforcer
Human Rights Watch
attacks on medical units in ukraine also gaza africa us prisons iran and hong kong
Attacks on medical units in #Ukraine – also, #Gaza, #Africa, #US prisons, #Iran and #Hong Kong
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