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Judicial Watch ?
new inside jw the obama hezbollah irandeal scandal w chrisfarrell amp host jerrydunleavy
NEW: Inside JW - The #Obama #Hezbollah #IranDeal Scandal w/ #ChrisFarrell & Host @JerryDunleavy
Abdalaziz Alhamza
local sources the us airstrikes targeted hezbollah headquarters in quseir countryside of homs
Local Sources :: the #US airstrikes targeted #Hezbollah headquarters in Quseir, countryside of #Homs .
@RT_com 4 years
hezbollah leader on charliehebdo extremists more offensive to islam than cartoons
#Hezbollah leader on #CharlieHebdo: ‘Extremists more offensive to Islam than cartoons’
Ileana Ros-Lehtinen
the people of argentina have lost a fighter against terrorism amp hezbollah with loss of alberto nisman yosoyn
The people of #Argentina have lost a fighter against terrorism & #Hezbollah with loss of Alberto Nisman #YoSoyNisman
Charles Lister
shocking 40000 starving under assad regime amp hezbollah siege eating insects weeds

40,000 starving under #Assad regime & #Hezbollah siege. Eating insects, weeds:
Jim Sciutto
remarkable hezbollah ldr says extremists insult islam more than those who published satirical cartoons charieh
Remarkable: #Hezbollah ldr says extremists insult Islam more than those who published satirical cartoons #CharieHebdo
Peter Lerner
idf spotted armed hezbollah gunmen on our northern border i wonder what they are planning
#IDF spotted armed #Hezbollah gunmen on our northern border, I wonder what they are planning.
this is what you need to know about one of the largest terrorist organizations today hezbollah
This is what you need to know about one of the largest terrorist organizations today. #Hezbollah
Elijah J. Magnier
breakingnews dual national saudi amp lebanese pm saad hariri resign from saudiarabia the war against hezbollah
Dual national (Saudi & Lebanese) PM Saad Hariri resign from #SaudiArabia: the war against #Hezbollah at the horizon
Peter Lerner
iran funds to terror organizations hezbollah 750 million dollars hamas 70 million dollars
#Iran funds to terror organizations:
#Hezbollah 750 million dollars
#Hamas 70 million dollars
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