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Omarosa says she has video tapes. She's going to bring one to #Hardball tonight at 7.
"We're not doing a wall." @SpeakerPelosi

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Here's our full interview with @tedlieu on today's filings by Mueller and the SDNY. #Hardball
"It's not his turn. It's Merrick Garland's turn and everyone knows it. Vote "Nay" on Gorsuch." @HardballChris #GorsuchHearing #Hardball
"You can't fact check crazy." @DavidCornDC on @realDonaldTrump #Hardball
"His national emergency is completely made up." @tedlieu on Trump's threat to declare an emergency over border wall funding. #Hardball
"What's important about this march is that it shows that Trump is a minority President." @DavidCornDC #WomensMarch #hardball
"For years, Donald Trump was willing to violate the law to enrich himself" @tedlieu on the Trump Foundation #Hardball
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