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Jake Gyllenhaal tmrw morning after he Googles "Bad and Boujee" #GoldenGlobes
Breaking Bad for the win bitches!! Yeah Mr. White! Yeah science! #GoldenGlobes
There has never been anyone like Meryl Streep. I love her. #GoldenGlobes
Sandra Oh & Andy Samberg are hosting The #GoldenGlobes January 6 on NBC! That's it. That's the tweet.
Are they serving tea here? #GoldenGlobes
11 months
Hawkins Middle School is full of mini icons ✨#StrangerThings #GoldenGlobes
"A Star Is Born" picked up 5 #GoldenGlobes nominations
Celebrating @KillingEve nom w/ @jodiecomer Fiona Shaw & @KimBodniaDK #GoldenGlobes
Marvel Studios' #BlackPanther makes history with #GoldenGlobes Best Picture nomination:
Ryan Reynolds and Andrew Garfield kissed after Gosling won their #GoldenGlobes category
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