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Trump admin may not want you to know this, but Jan. 31st is the deadline to enroll in the #ACA for 2017. #GetCovered
Open enrollment starts November 1st! Go to for more information. #GetCovered
Efforts to repeal Affordable Care Act caused confusion. The law has NOT been repealed! RT to spread the word. #GetCovered today! @CoveredCA
This is huge: Today millions of Americans finally have the chance to enroll in quality, affordable health care. #GetCovered
If @POTUS won't spread the word, we will. ACA open enrollment begins November 1 & ends December 15. #GetCovered
.@POTUS doesn’t want you to know that you can STILL #GetCovered under #ACA before the Jan 31 deadline. →
...thats why they're called "Accidents". March 31st is the deadline 4Days left!!! #GetCovered
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