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For today's #FridayGiveaway we'll give a $215 Sunday Million ticket to one random follower who RTs this before 11:59PM ET tonight!
For today's #FridayGiveaway we'll give a $109 #SCOOP2013 ticket to one random follower who RTs this before 23:59 ET tonight!
Your mission, should you chose to accept it, is to RT this message before 23:59ET today. 500FPPs will go to 5 of you who do. #FridayGiveaway
There are 5 tickets to the Big $11 up for grabs in this week's #FridayGiveaway Your mission? RT this tweet before 23:59ET!
This week's #FridayGiveaway mission is... to RT this message! 5 random retweeters will win The Big $22 tickets.
Tweet a screenshot of yourself winning a real-money #SpinAndGo by 23:59 ET along with #FridayGiveaway + [PlayerID] for a shot at a prize.
Retweet our next Tweet before 23:59 ET for the chance to win one of three tickets into The Big $33. #FridayGiveaway
Want to #WIN a year's worth of lingerie? Head over to our #FridayGiveaway on FB!
How many cards make up "2016"? Tweet with #FridayGiveaway + [PlayerID] before 23:59 ET for shot at Big $22 ticket!
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