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Denver7 News
lockdown at fortcarson us army base after shooting incident no injuries
Lockdown at #FortCarson U.S. Army base after shooting incident. No injuries.
RT America
all gates at fortcarson remain closed there is no word on the nature of the shooting
All gates at #FortCarson remain closed. There is no word on the nature of the #shooting
Stars and Stripes
fortcarson loses track of drone colorado springs resident gets a surprise
#FortCarson loses track of drone, Colorado Springs resident gets a surprise
lisa hidalgo
hazy along the front range due to fire near fortcarson and fires in az and nm cowx denverchannel cowx
Hazy along the Front Range due to fire near #FortCarson and fires in AZ and NM. #cowx #denverchannel #cowx
U.S. Army Reserve
genmarkmilley visits fortcarson to explain importance of total force for usarmy
.@GENMarkMilley visits #FortCarson to explain importance of total force for @USArmy
The Gazette
watch fortcarson capt forent flo groberg will be presented the medalofhonor at 9 am
WATCH: #FortCarson Capt. Forent 'Flo' Groberg will be presented the #medalofhonor at 9 am
The Gazette
pikes peak region troops gather today at fortcarson to remember 9 11 via xroederx
Pikes Peak region troops gather today at #FortCarson to remember 9/11 via @xroederx
The Gazette
fortcarson brigade prepares for massive move across the atlantic via xroederx usarmy
#FortCarson brigade prepares for massive move across the Atlantic. via @xroederx @USArmy
The Washington Times
missing fort carson drone found in womans yard 12 miles away it looked expensive military fortcarson
Missing Fort Carson #drone found in woman’s yard 12 miles away: ‘It looked expensive’ #military #FortCarson
Marc Stewart Denver7
one person in custody after fortcarson shooting i ll have an update at 6 on denver7 denverchannel annetrujillo
One person in custody after #FortCarson shooting. I'll have an update at 6 on #Denver7 @DenverChannel @annetrujillo7 @ShannonOgden1
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