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love this it s all about the kids baberuth fathers amp sons cause moms already do more than enough
Love this !!!! It's all about the kids !!!! #BabeRuth #Fathers & Sons !!! Cause Moms already do more than enough 👊🏾💯
Guns N' Roses
happy fathers day why not give him something he actually wants gnfnr tix
Happy #Fathers Day! Why not give him something he actually wants… #GnFnR tix:
Mike Epps
yo fathers take notes activedadsrule daddydaughter
Yo! #fathers take notes ✌🏽💯#activedadsrule #daddydaughter
M LeMont
rt follow taylormgreentg thank goodness it s not too late amreading fathers writers
RT Follow @taylormgreen_tg
Thank Goodness it's not too late. #Amreading #Fathers #Writers
Annabel Crabb
stunned that people here who advocate for fathers can so rejoice that bill leak s kids have lost one today tak
Stunned that people here who advocate for #fathers can so rejoice that Bill Leak's kids have lost one today. Take a day off. Please.
Louis Vuitton
elegant contemporary amp versatile damier in black is the clear pick for fathers with style
Elegant, contemporary, & versatile: Damier in black is the clear pick for #Fathers with Style
Marco Rubio
happy fathersday americas families need strong fathers via dailycaller
Happy #FathersDay : America’s Families Need Strong #Fathers via @DailyCaller
if a man doesnt want to be a father hes a deadbeat a woman is just pro choice fathers
If a Man Doesn’t Want to be a Father, He’s a Deadbeat; A Woman is Just Pro-Choice #Fathers
Medical Xpress
older fathers put health of partners unborn children at risk study finds rutgersu
Older #fathers put #health of partners, unborn children at risk, study finds @RutgersU
Reggie Miller
happy fathers day to all the amazing dads enjoy the family time grouphug fathers day
Happy Fathers Day to all the AMAZING Dads, enjoy the family time... #GroupHug #Fathers Day..
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