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.@whitehouse For 100+ days, we've known about gay/bi men targeted in Chechnya. Will you speak out? #EyesOnChechnya
A message for @Kadyrov_95 - we are watching you in America. #eyesonchechnya #outrightinternational
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Chechen police now telling parents to kill their gay children - these horrific atrocities must end #EyesOnChechnya
Today I stand with citizens around the world in condemning the horrible madness in Chechnya #EyesOnChechnya #IDAHOT
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These atrocities must end and the perpetrators of human-rights violations must be held to account. #EyesOnChechnya
"We're sending love, and solidarity, and concern," said @IanMcKellen. #EyesOnChechnya
Gay men have been rounded up, tortured & even killed in Chechnya. Help put a stop to the atrocities. #EyesOnChechnya
Shame. @realDonaldTrump turns a blind eye while autocrats & dictators torture & kill #LGBTQ people. #EyesonChechnya
We OKed HRes351 on a voice vote today, condemning #Chechnya's anti-#LGBT violence. We won't ignore human rights violations. #EyesonChechnya
As more horrific reports come out of Chechnya, the White House remains silent on the issue. #EyesOnChechnya
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