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Memo to White House from EVERYONE ELSE’S house: Surprise! We need the federal government. #EndTheShutdown
So it's true. You're a complete failure as a deal-maker. Maybe it's time to resign. #EndTheShutdown
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We need our government reopened now - no wall included!

Call your senators at 202-733-6382

Passing through TSA checkpoint at 4 a.m., and impressed yet angry that these workers are on the job despite not being paid. #EndTheShutdown
Pay the workers, furlough Trump! #EndTheShutdown @AFGENational @AFLCIO
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It's clear to see - this band-aid approach to managing our parks isn't working. #EndTheShutdown
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End the shutdown and put government employees back to work. Then we can negotiate border security and a DACA solution. #EndtheShutdown
There's another wall in the way of this shutdown, and it's Mitch McConnell. #EndTheShutdown
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