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Retweet if you’ve voted! #ElectionDay
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Please share: How to Get Free and Discounted Rides to #Vote tomorrow on #ElectionDay
Today is #ElectionDay and we have the chance to prove that “we the people” is more powerful than “us vs. them.”

#IVoted. Did you?
#ElectionDay should be a national holiday!
It's #ElectionDay and @MaxineWaters and the LIBERAL MOB are headed to the polls. ARE YOU?⁦@AmericaFirstPol⁩ 🇺🇸
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Today is an election of enormous consequence. I hope everybody gets out to vote. #ElectionDay
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Know your rights when voting. #ElectionDay
FINAL PUSH! Eric and I doing dozens of radio interviews. We can win this thing! GET OUT AND VOTE! #MAGA #ElectionDay
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