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Tony Rocha
by the cnn news editor joe sutton cnnjoe i oversee news gathering for the us amp canada during the overnights
By the @CNN #News #Editor Joe Sutton @CNNjoe: "I oversee news gathering for the U.S. & Canada during the overnights!"
Kaz Aston
excited the editor from openheartbmj is joining monarchyonline tonight for the topsecret cannonball run christ
Excited the #Editor from #OpenheartBMJ is joining #Monarchyonline tonight for the #topsecret Cannonball Run Christmas Party at #mclaren
The Academy
editors do the final re write of the script watch the editor of zerodarkthirty share his creative insights
Editors “do the final re-write of the script.”
Watch the #editor of @ZeroDarkThirty share his creative insights:
People's Daily,China
people s daily is looking for a full time native english speaking editor based in beijing
People's Daily is looking for a full-time native English-speaking #editor based in Beijing
all a vogue fashion editor wants for christmas shopping fashion editor
All a Vogue fashion editor wants for Christmas: #shopping #fashion #editor
Black Enterprise
at cos2014 tech editor patbits at 5 pm for power of black twitter panel feature feministajones and ceo of inno
At #COS2014 Tech #Editor @Patbits At 5 p.m. for “Power of Black Twitter” panel feature .@FeministaJones, and CEO of .@Innov8tivMag
Plan International
job opportunity you could be be the new editor of the because i am a girl annual report
Job opportunity: You could be be the new #editor of the Because I am a Girl annual report!
The Script Lab
nora ephron wellesley college in 1962 editor writing
Nora Ephron. Wellesley College in 1962. #Editor #Writing
Kyiv Post
ex deputy chief editor of kyiv post becomes ceo of hromadske
Ex-deputy chief #editor of Kyiv Post becomes CEO of #Hromadske
@wgsn 3 years
one of prada s top accent colours clementine orange we dig it mfw editor takeover
One of @Prada's top accent colours: clementine orange. We dig it. #mfw #editor takeover
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