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Ajay Devgn
switch off non essential lights not just tomorrow but every day join the earthhour initiative tomorrow from 83
Switch off non-essential lights, not just tomorrow, but every day! Join the #EarthHour initiative tomorrow from 8.30 - 9.30 P.M.
Leonardo DiCaprio
together we can changeclimatechange take part in earthhour today
Together we can #changeclimatechange. Take part in #EarthHour today:
World Wildlife Fund
save the date earthhour 2016 will take place at 8 30pm your time on march 19
Save the date! #EarthHour 2016 will take place at 8:30PM (your time) on March 19:
Ian Somerhalder
join me worldwildlife by turning off lights for earthhour on 03 23 8 30pm your local time
Join me + @world_wildlife by turning off lights for #EarthHour on 03/23 @ 8:30PM your local time
UK Prime Minister
were joining millions in switching off our lights for earthhour earthhouruk
We’re joining millions in switching off our lights for #EarthHour #EarthHourUK
Sam Cristoforetti
join earthhour this saturday switch off the lights at 8 30 pm local time
Join #EarthHour this Saturday, switch off the lights at 8:30 pm local time:
Justin Trudeau
we re all on this planet together during earthhour and every day thereafter read more
We're all on this planet together. During #EarthHour and every day thereafter. Read more:
Alia Bhatt
so guys earthhour is on 25 march 8 30 9 30 pm rt to say switchoffindia amp take the pledge here
So guys!!!!! #EarthHour is on 25 March, 8:30 - 9:30 p.m.! RT to say #SwitchOffIndia & take the pledge here :
World Wildlife Fund
the countdown begins earthhour is tomorrow at 8 30pm your local time rt if you will be participating
The countdown begins: #EarthHour is tomorrow at 8:30PM your local time! RT if you will be participating.
Jackson Harries
ralph is the man spread the love and passthepanda ahead of earthhour on sunday 29th march 20 30 wwfuk
Ralph is the man. Spread the love and #passthepanda ahead of #EarthHour on Sunday 29th March 20:30 @wwf_uk
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