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Congrats to the @SpaceX team & @ElonMusk! Way to stick the landing & send #Dragon to @Space_Station.
Watched #Dragon launch from @space_station Sadly failed Space is hard Teams assess below @NASAKennedy #YearInSpace
.@SpaceX #Dragon has separated from booster, continuing journey to deliver research and supplies to @Space_Station
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We’re launching an expandable habitat to @Space_Station on @SpaceX #Dragon Friday. See why:
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Cargo is offloaded and spacecraft is powered down. #Dragon back in its nest after about 5 weeks at the @Space_Station
Success! @SpaceX #Dragon installed to @Space_Station at 9:57am ET with ~7,000 lbs of cargo.
Good night from #space! #Dragon is getting closer, capture tomorrow. Buona notte! Domani cattura di Dragon.
Launch of @SpaceX #Dragon cargo ship to @Space_Station set for 4:43pm ET. Weather is 90% GO:
LIVE NOW: Coverage of the countdown to liftoff of @SpaceX’s #Dragon spacecraft to @Space_Station at 5:42am ET. Watc…
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