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Attention @onedirection fans...@NiallOfficial will be on the Official Chart at some point in the next 40 minutes.Where will #DragMeDown be?!
They've done it! #DragMeDown is Number 1! You'll hear from @NiallOfficial on the Official Chart NEXT!
They released a new single, but @OneDirection has another huge announcement and it's coming up on @GMA! #DragMeDown
*brb just watching #DragMeDown on repeat all morning* @onedirection
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1.6 million Tweets and counting about @onedirection's surprise song announcement - #DragMeDown
Currently living in space, @StationCDRKelly is 1 of 6 people that literally cannot be dragged down. #DragMeDown
#DragMeDown is here! We’re giving away 2 signed @onedirection T-shirts to celebrate… want one? Simply RT this tweet!!
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