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Mesut Özil
happydiwali to all those celebrating festivaloflights diwali
#HappyDiwali to all those celebrating! #FestivalOfLights #Diwali
Mindy Kaling
you dont have to be hindu to let the joyous spirit of diwali fill you up what are you doing to celebrate
You don’t have to be Hindu to let the joyous spirit of #diwali fill you up! What are you doing to celebrate?
All India Radio News
grand diwali celebrations at ayodhya set a world record by lighting 3 lakh diyas deepavali
Grand #Diwali celebrations at #Ayodhya set a World Record by lighting 3 lakh diyas.

Mindy Kaling
happy diwali everyone thank you stevecarell forever for this diwali
Happy Diwali, everyone! Thank you @stevecarell forever, for this! #diwali
Abhijit Majumder
yadavs had lavish private fests in saifai with taxpayer money as muzaffarnagar burned but yogi celebrating diw
Yadavs had lavish private fests in Saifai with taxpayer money as Muzaffarnagar burned. But Yogi celebrating #Diwali as a Hindu is a problem
Sesame Street
happy diwali to all our friends
Happy #Diwali to all our friends!
Mayor of London
the message of diwali is so important light triumphs over darkness love over hate and diversity is our greates
The message of #Diwali is so important. Light triumphs over darkness, love over hate. And diversity is our greatest…
anand mahindra
i sent my sandesh2soldiers may the diyas of diwali shine bright for them narendramodi
I sent my #Sandesh2Soldiers. May the diyas of #Diwali shine bright for them! @narendramodi
Arsenal FC
as diwali celebrations begin arsene wenger reveals his admiration for indian culture
As #Diwali celebrations begin, Arsene Wenger reveals his admiration for Indian culture:
Abhijit Majumder
thanking soldiers who sacrifice lives for the nation is not hyper nationalism but not thanking them is hyper i
Thanking soldiers who sacrifice lives for the nation is not hyper-nationalism. But not thanking them is hyper-ingratitude. #Diwali
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