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Stevens, Smith, Doherty, Woods RIP. Killed 4 years ago today. #Benghazi #WhatDifferenceDoesItMake #Deplorable
All of Hillary's stances are pre-approved by the donor elite. Nothing she says or does happens without the donor-class approval! #deplorable
The #Deplorable Comment Was Deliberate ON THE TELEPROMPTER

To Take #HillarysHealth Off The Front Page

So.... Donald Trump Jr. shared a white supremacist meme on one of his social media accounts (again) #Deplorable
The #deplorable hate being spewed at #MichelleObama shows the depth of sick racism Trump continues to wink at and embolden
Trump bribes elected officials, scams Americans at fake University, robs his own charity, even steals funds from 9/11 victims #deplorable
#NeverForget The most #deplorable real-time reaction to 9/11 came from that disgusting pig Donald Trump #NeverTrump
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