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Newt Gingrich
democrats to strike so help you god from oath taken in front of key house committee draft shows
#Democrats to strike 'so help you God' from oath taken in front of key House committee, draft shows
Herman Cain
oh no it s apocalyptic get to the shelters the end is nigh the democrats meltdown continues apace
Oh no! It's apocalyptic!! Get to the shelters!!! The end is nigh!!!! The #Democrats meltdown continues apace.
Dr. Marty Fox
a black man who understands how democrats exploit blacks calling someone racist is a device to shut down speec
A Black Man Who Understands How #Democrats Exploit Blacks

Calling Someone #Racist Is A Device To Shut Down Speech
Dr. Marty Fox
france before amp after islamification a trump2020 ad to keep jihad enabling democrats out of the whitehouse
France: Before & After Islamification

A #Trump2020 Ad

To Keep Jihad Enabling #Democrats Out Of The #Whitehouse
Dr. Marty Fox
attn marxists aka democrats it is not dependence day it is independenceday 4thofjuly marklevinshow
ATTN: #Marxists AKA #Democrats

It Is Not Dependence Day

It Is #IndependenceDay

#4thOfJuly @marklevinshow
Paul Ryan
breaking senate democrats have now blocked zika funding for the third time unacceptable
BREAKING → Senate #Democrats have now blocked #Zika funding for the third time. Unacceptable.
Dr. Marty Fox
democrats want to talk about russia russia president trump wants to talk about america maga kellyannepolls
#Democrats Want To Talk About Russia Russia

#President Trump Wants To Talk About #America

today the democrats lost the midterms i will vote in november in memory of mollie tibbetts ripmollietibbetts
Today, the #Democrats LOST the Midterms.

I will vote in November in memory of Mollie Tibbetts.

Kristin Bauer
democrats we need 60122876 signatures spread the petition notmypresident hillary clinton hillaryclinton
#Democrats we need 60,122,876 signatures! SPREAD the petition. #notmyPresident Hillary Clinton #HillaryClinton...
Dr. Marty Fox
democrats celebrating the ryan failure don t care about the people they govern against the will of the people
#Democrats Celebrating The #Ryan Failure Don't Care About The People

They Govern AGAINST The Will Of The People
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