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I think it's time for Jeff Sessions to ORDER the FBI to release the Hillary emails--enough of this #DeepState coverup
12th Armor Division soldier with Nazi POWs, 1945. #DeepState
One More Example Of #DeepState Leaks

#Trump Opponents Committing Felonies

Arrest & Prosecute Them
LIVE: JW Prez @TomFitton's WeeklyUpdate re: #Clinton draft indictment, #DeepState secrecy, & #Trump wiretapped?

The ONLY Crime Committed

Was The #Obama #DeepState Leaking The Transcript & Unmasking #MichaelFlynn
The #Mueller Threat Is The Most Deadly

The #DeepState At It's Worst

He Has The Power Of The Law And Can Indict
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The Queasy Mildly Nauseated #Comey

Is An Establishment #DeepState Leaking Pro Hillary Operative @JudgeJeanine
The #DeepState isn't made up -- it's the permanent political class here in D.C. that is trying to hold on to power.
There Is NO Excuse For National Security Threat #DeepState Leaks

@newtgingrich @seanhannity
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