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Gates Foundation
if the world was 100 people 60 would live in asia 15 in africa 11 in europe dataviz
If the world was 100 people:

60 would live in Asia
15 in Africa
11 in Europe #dataviz
CNN Breaking News
stark dataviz statistics on gun violence and terrorism deaths
Stark #dataviz statistics on gun violence and terrorism deaths
Bill Gates
heres a great investment stellar dataviz from one of my favorite sites
Here’s a great investment. Stellar #dataviz from one of my favorite sites:
want to replay the gopdebate and see how realdonaldtrump led all night dataviz
Want to replay the #GOPdebate (and see how @realDonaldTrump led all night?). #dataviz
Eric Topol
vaccine victories what an oustanding dataviz natgeo monicaserrano kelseynowa
Vaccine Victories: what an oustanding #dataviz @natgeo @MonicaSerrano_ @kelseynowa
Eric Topol
this is how we die instructive dataviz popsci by schodosh data from cdcgov
This is how we die.
instructive #dataviz @popsci by @schodosh
data from @CDCgov
Bill Gates
a remarkable dataviz from uclenergy of the worlds shipping routes via voxdotcom
A remarkable #dataviz from @UCL_Energy of the world’s shipping routes: via @voxdotcom
Twitter Data
sochi2014 two weeks of olympics animated in 60 seconds dataviz
#Sochi2014: Two weeks of #Olympics animated in 60 seconds #dataviz
Twitter Sports
sb48 the pulse of the game on twitter animated superbowl dataviz map
#SB48: the pulse of the game on Twitter, animated #superbowl #dataviz #Map
Twitter Data
ukraine protests how euromaidan spread around the world dataviz
#Ukraine protests: how #euromaidan spread around the world #dataviz
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