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#Dangal movie would be tax free in Delhi cinemas. Orders issued. It's an inspiring movie to promote sports-spirit by @aamir_khan
#Dangal A must watch! Well done team #Dangal! Very inspiring movie and incredible work @aamir_khan
Watching #Dangal is d best birthday gift I could get. Thanku @aamir_khan nitesh tiwari kiran rao fatima sana u r outstanding
@aamir_khan does it again. #Dangal is fantastic.Director Nitesh Tiwari d excellent writing d brilliant cast Aamirs most hearfelt performance
#Dangal is a rousing spectacle w beautifully wrought emotions. It's moving & empowering! Walked out feeling I can also wrestle w anything!
Humungous LOVE for #Dangal ...and deservingly so!!! Such an exhilarating Cinema it soon!!!!! @aamir_khan
The #Dangal reigning streak continues!

@aamir_khan’s blockbuster wins the award for Best Film.
Review: #Dangal

Rating: 5/5

@radiochatter's take: @aamir_khan has done it again. Dangal is the best film of 2016.
You make the wait for all your films so totally worth it @aamir_khan! Kudos to you and team #Dangal for this absolute gem! What. A. Film.
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