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@FOREXcom 9 months
the long view when will traders jump off the bullish dollar trend usd dxy
The Long View: When will traders jump off the bullish #dollar trend? #USD #DXY
jeroen blokland
the us dollar index is down to its lowest level since mid october dxy
The US Dollar Index is down to its lowest level since mid October! #DXY
Lawrence McDonald
colossal dollar break taxreform economy fedchair taylor powell dxy
Colossal Dollar Break

dollar index 20 month high near 9770 in sight dxy
#Dollar Index: 20-Month High Near 97.70 in Sight? #DXY
@FOREXcom 4 months
dollar index holding its bullish channel but causes for concern pile up dxy
#Dollar Index Holding Its Bullish Channel, But Causes for Concern Pile Up - #DXY
Jonathan Ferro
morning note 1 cs posts surprise profit 2 shell delivers a huge miss 3 dxy fomc treading water
Morning Note: 1. CS posts surprise profit. 2. Shell delivers a huge miss. 3. #DXY FOMC treading water
@FOREXcom 10 months
fomc meeting rate hike a done deal but what about inflation fed dxy
FOMC meeting: Rate hike a “done deal” but what about inflation? #Fed #DXY
@FOREXcom 9 months
us dollar double top or merely month end flows dxy usdx
US #dollar: Double top or merely month-end flows? #DXY #USDX
@FOREXcom 4 months
feds rate decision preview dollar s days as king of fx could be numbered fr fx dxy
#Fed’s rate decision preview: Dollar's days as King of FX could be numbered ^FR #FX #DXY
Hedgehog Trader
crowded long trade in usd looking lethargic after a considerable rally dxy
Crowded long trade in $USD looking lethargic after a considerable rally. $$$ #DXY
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