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iPhone 6 Plus will bend if you bend it. #developing
Exclusive: Sources confirm Garry Marshall has passed away. #Developing
#DEVELOPING Google-owned YouTube is currently down for users worldwide, no immediate cause given
#Developing A mariachi band is playing outside Trump Tower #ElectionNight
#developing :You wanna keep your #whitehouse job?Turn in your cell phone from @PressSec The search for leakers is on. Watch #FoxReport 7pET
#DEVELOPING Police fired at a coyote on the campus of Cal State Los Angeles. Coyote may have been trying to attack a student.
Former Rockets guard Steve Francis charged in Florida burglary
Johnny Manziel is warming up on the sidelines for the #Browns. Josh McCown headed to the locker room #JFF #developing
Massive power blackout has plunged the Venezuelan capital Caracas and other cities into darkness, report residents #developing
Watch the news, #FOXREPORT SUNDAY 7P ET: #developing NOW #WhiteHouse telling us Repeal & Replace Bill will come tomorrow #obamacare
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